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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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  1. 1960
My wagon came with a broken passenger door handle. Before I got the wagon, I bought a replacement handle on Ebay. When I got the handle, I found that it was locked, and didn't have a key. I thought I'd have to try to get it apart to take the guts I needed and fix my broken handle, or take it to a lockshop and get a key made.

Last night, just for grins, I tried the keys from the wagon on the ebay door handle. Turns out, the ignition key for the wagon fits the ebay door handle :p

I had this happen on my '50 Plymouth too, I replaced the door lock cylinders that were busted on the '50 with a set that came from a '49. Same thing, the ignition key fit the new door locks.

Wondering how many keys there really were back then. Seems like they rotated the keys from ignition to door in various years.

Thanks for that info, I need to replace both handles. I like the looks of your new wagon by the way, congratulations. Speaking of keys, when I bought my 52 stake bed it was missing the ignition key. It did however have the original owners manual in the glove box in which there is a page where you record owner/vehicle information - including key number. 58 years ago the original owner had written down 'Briggs and Straton 952' , I called a local locksmith and he said 'I show it fits a Willys truck' - he made me a new one for $5.00 and it fit perfectly.

That's a good one.
Same thing happened on mine. I had a good key for driver door and ignition cylinder. Wouldn't work in pasg. door at all. I tried the original key from my '69 CJ-5 I rebuilt and it worked like a champ in the pasg. door only.