Just pull the engine and get on with it


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Jul 11, 2010
Western NY state 315 er
Willys Model
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Enough screwing around thinking about engine swaps.Pulled the stock F head today.It's on the stand now and by tomorrow night I'll know what it needs to freshen it up...Some loose bolts,the generator brushes are just about worn out,and it needed an oil change,good time to yank the engine.......... :D
Need an oil change and pull the motot? Your got the Willys BAD....next thing you will detail the engine and want to paint the truck....that's how it starts...needing an oil change...good luck with your fall/winter project!!! :lol:
Keeping the ol' F head?!! Woo Hoooooo!! That's what I like to hear! My first Willys had an F head 134. I thought it was a pretty cool little motor myself. Have fun with it.