Just bought new Overland

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Jan 7, 2010
Scottsdale, AZ
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Yep, got out here to Tex and have to have a 'Willy's' Overland. Well it was really the wife that had to have it.

No, not kidding...

This is the NEW Grand Cherokee "Overland" by Jeep. wow, WOW, is all I can say. TRY: Air conditioned and heated front AND rear seats. Not impressed as your GrabageMaster 2 door wagon has them too, then try a HEATED steering wheel!!

Ohh but your GrabageMaster has a BelchFire V8, yea and her Overland has a HEMI V8. You got 4 wheel drive you say, yea well the wife just turns a knob for Rock Crawling, sand, snow, mud or highspeed sport driving (Hemi V8 thing you know), top that!

Well at least you have a tailgate on your old GrabageMaster has a tailgate, just that the wifes Overland has one that lifts up at the touch of a button AND CLOSES at the touch of a button.

You got a 3 1/2 inch spring over lift...HOW SWEET, sorry leaf spring breath, wife's rig has a 4.5 in lift giving her a total of 10.5 in of GROUND clearance all at the touch of a button.

Shall I go on or are you ready to junk that junkyard dog that you spend all your time in the push, pull or drag mode, yea I know at least THAT standard equipment :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyhow, I still miss MY old Willy's Overland and all its flaws...errr charm.

Wife LOVES her new Overland, thinks it may be the best rig she has ever owned and she was driving Jeep GC's before I met her.

I can only suspect that the Fiat folks or the YOUNG Harvard grads that drive the Jeep marketing either live in Italy or just to young to know that this should have been marketed under the Jeep Grand Cherokee Willy's Overland. The Overland medallion is on the back of the tailgate just like the old ones..


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Tell you what, I'll trade you straight across... :lol:

Hi Don

Congrats on the new Jeep for the wife. I have to say that in order for Jeep to continue to sell Jeep they have to go high tech.

Can you imagine if Jeep brought back the old school Willys truck or wagon that we on here love so dearly. I bet they couldnt sell a dozen of them.
I am thinking an old school flat fender with no frills would cost a boat load less build than that new Overland costs now.

All those electronic devices on cars these days are what keeps selling them. The public doesnt want anything but high tech stuff. Me I am just an old redneck that likes rusty old trucks. (I have never even owned a car without a 3 pedals on the floor)

Enough of my rambling...gotta love a Jeep just because of the history and what they have done for eveyone.

hehe bet you would fit in right nice Mike with my friends dads old car club model Ts and A's I think the newest car in their club is a 30 something and they also allow trucks just have to be really really old. :D Although they do like my old willys pickup they still think its too new :lol:
I have patience...
I will wait 10 years and buy it as a doner to my next project:
A Kaizer-Eilin Compact Willys Pickup ;)