July 4th...Is it hot out there or what??


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Jan 18, 2010
Mechanicville ny
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Hi Everyone...

How did everyones July 4th go off????..In the greater upstate New York State area the temps were in the high 80's to low 90's; humidity too. I did get to deliver an old leaf spring to the spring shop(they are making a new set for me), put a new weatherstrip on the Willys truck hood. Also stripped the deck off of my fathers old car hauler (it was wood) and I am prepping it for a new diamond plate deck. (then I can go get more Willys Jeep parts)...
We need to pray for rain for the veggies tho..My peas are not likin all this heat....
Anybody else get any work done on their old trucks/wagons??? :D
Lookin' good, Jimmy! Primer stage seems like light-years from where I am today. Good inspiration to get me going.
Got another ( bigger ) temporary fuel line on and my tank back in. Fired it up. Seems to be OK. Won't know for sure until I try to get around the block but now one of my rear drums is leaking and my brakes are spongy. I'm thinking I need to learn how to replace rear brakes and stuff, can't afford to pay somebody else to do it. Need to figure what e-brake parts are missing anyway so you all will probably be getting some more questions from me pretty soon.............

Bigger fuel line?? Why? What was, or izzzzz the issue here? Brakes are a snap. don't sweat it, we can get you through it.
I had some 1/4" line laying around and was being impatient so I used it to see if I could get the wagon running. Then I ended up having the the carb rebuilt as well. Put it all back together not would not run. May have been pinched or something else simple but the carb guys had said that the 283 like I have used a minimum of 5/16" fuel line. Since I am not much of a mechanic, and this whole thing needs attention anyway, I just started ruling out variables. It ran w/ a temp tank and 3/8" line. Now has a new fuel tank, filter, rebuilt carb, 5/16" line.

Starts right up and idles pretty good. Actually drove it around the neighborhood a few times yesterday and it runs pretty good. I had my front brakes and master cyl replaced but the brakes are still mushy and leaking from the driver rear drum ( wheel cyl?). So rear brakes are next.

On a positive note, steering doesn't feel too awfully bad at slow speeds, all my lights are working, and my heat temp control and fan blower speed work.