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Mar 20, 2010
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I've seen a lot of cool stuff you guys have in your Willys. How about a thread of what you've got or are putting in, stock or modified let's see what you've got.

Right now I've got a front D25 (broke the tube on my 44 and am now rebuilding it), 355 SBC/SM465/NP205/44 from a Scout. Gears are 4:88, front Detroit, rear spool, tires are 34X9.50 Super Swampers, 2 Optima's, I forgot the powersteering conversion and bigger self adjusting brakes(thx Eric for reminding me) and a bunch of other little things.

I've got an early NV4500(6:55 first gear) and D300 I'm thinking about putting in place of the SM465/NP205.
Ford 351W V8, Dodge NV4500(92-93), Dana 300 (twinstick coming).
I bought it with the drivetrain in place. Don't pass judgement... :)
Dana 44 rear axle, 11x2 brakes converted to self adjusting with parking brakes set up
Dana 25 front axle, disc brake conversion (in process) International Scout locking hubs
Power steering conversion in up coming future. Working an in engine compartment option with Herm's Ford set up
Dual brake master cylinder upgrade coming here shortly too

L6 226 with a whopping 70 hp if i'm lucky. (rated at 115hp with the two bbl carb)
T90 3spd (broke second gear with the V8 I had installed years ago)
Saturn (warn) overdrive (really nice to have)
D18 xfer case
Stock gears - 4:88's
7.50 X 16 6 ply tires (was shooting for radials as an upgrade, but the deal on these was toooo good to pass up.)
Stock seats front and back with stock steering wheel.

The ONLY way to go in a WILLYS! :D :D :D :thumbup:

The engine is out currently awaiting a replacement so I can rebuild this one at my leisure, and take care of a bunch of other nit noy things as well, to include rebuilding the steering box.

Of course, all of this was after the fact, which is why I say stock, not original. I did the V8 thing with a lift and big tires, but to keep it that way was going to require changing the brakes, the steering, the axles, etc... This is why I urge as many folks as I can to keep the stock stuff. Once you change everything out is it really a WILLYS anymore?? But still, I like to see what you all are doing, so keep on pluggin'. :cheers: