Jeep Truck 4x4 ?


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Aug 16, 2010
St. George / Ivins ,Utah
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I saw a 1978 Jeep truck today and need someone to tell me how the 4x4 works. It has manual hubs on the front and an automatic trans. What aboggled me is there are no controls for low range, high range or anything inside the cab that you change to have it in 4 wheel or 2 wheel. Sorry for the dumb question.
Probably origonally was full time 4wd. Someone may have done a part time conversion on it and added hubs. I beleive the quadra-trac had a vacuum switch in the glove box to lock the diff in the transfer case, that may be what puts you in 4wd now if a part time conversion was done.
If it has front hubs it would be part time and should be a single short floor lever 2H,N,4H, 4L., If it is full time it should still be selectable with 4h,N, 4H lock and 4low lock and would not have manual hubs.
Ed, I thought I looked carefully but did not see a shifter. Yes it has manual hubs on the front and it has an automatic. I think I am going to buy it even though it has 3.53 gears in it. I plan on using my truck as a daily driver more than off road. By the way your 55 Pick Up is a real beauty, do you have any more pictures of it?

The Axels in the 78 Jeep truck are about 63 inches wms to wms so should be just right for my Willys. Currently I do not have PS but an considering making that upgrade at the same time I change the diffs. Something else I like about the 78 Jeep rearend is that the diff is centered.
Are you allowed to drive with wheels and tyres sticking out past the guards in you state? Or you going to cover the 6" wider front track some how?
The Axles in mine are from a 66 J truck the rear fits nicely but the fronts stick out, I had them covered with Rubber extensions at one time but took them off-It looks better this way and doesn't throw water at the windsheild. They are 3.54 ratio. The trucks got a 327 that is overbuilt(likes rpms) mated to a SM 465/np208 it will get 18mpg hiway. It first had a Sag car 4speed /dana18 and would burn rubber in all 4, But after breaking the second trans and haveing the 465 for free