Jack and Doreen's Story... Awesome Willys adventure


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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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  1. 1960
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73fj said:
Where did you find that? Quite a journey.

Just happened to run across the clip on Youtube...

I thought driving my '50 Plymouth 3300 miles half way across the country and back a few years ago was a bid deal, can you imagine the trip these two took in their wagon? No maps, spare parts. Just determination and a sense of adventure. Hard to imagine taking such a trip today...

Pete said:
73fj said:
Hard to imagine taking such a trip today....


Such a trip today would require a Marine escort... or a wagon with twin 50 cals and a blown V8.

How times have changed. Now i get worried to leave my wagon in the Walmart parking lot for 5 minutes... come to think of it, think i was more worried it was going to slip outta gear and roll into another car.. parking brake inoperable currently... :D
That is an awesome story with memories to last anyone a lifetime. My wife saw the video and would love to do something like that.
I too am a little late to comment on this but wanted to say thanks for sharing-my wife and I watched it together and it almost convinced her that driving a Willys together is romantic...almost