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Sep 17, 2009
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Yep, Tech Week... One of my favorite parts of a forum like this is the tech threads posted by the members. You know, stuff like the disc brake conversion you just finished, or the great wiper motor conversion you did, how to rebuild a steering knuckle, how you managed to stuff 40" mudders under there, etc. Even if you haven't done much with your rig and consider yourself a lurker, you've got something to contribute! Even if it's as simple as telling how you drug your beloved heap of rust out of the gully with a backhoe, three come-a-longs, and a push-broom. Use your imagination...

So here's how it works. The last week of the month is hereby known as Tech Week. As you get a project together on your Wagon or Truck, take lots of pictures and do a write-up for the rest of us Willys Fans to read about during the week of Tech.

Submit your thread with the words TECH in the Subject line so we know that it is a bitch'n thread that we all need to read.

The first Tech Week is October 26-30. This gives you a week or so to get something together...

This ought'a be good.

Tech Week is here...

Post your how-to article about your project today!

TECH request!!!!

what axles are you using?? i have a mild v-8 sbc. i (we) need to know exactly which axles, steering, t-case combo you are having success with. be specific, years/models, we neeed disc brakes. common t-cases etc.