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Jun 15, 2010
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OK is it normal to have barely started on a build. Get the engine to the machine shop. Got the transmission and transfer case waiting for rebuild kits and doing sheetmetal repair on the remaining pieces that aren't in the snow drift to be considering purchasing possibly two more Willys? These aren't for parts just seems to be a deal I can't possibly pass up. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this bug or phenomanom? I know I am new to this and not sure if I got an afflication or not? Haven't even told the wife yet.
Not only is it normal once you've already caught the "bug", it's highly contagious.

There is no known cure, however there exists a lenghty (and expensive) treatment regimin to help you cope with the symptoms.

My vote is normal......

I have continued looking at trucks and wagons as my build has been going on....... Just haven't done it again...... Wanna get this one done 1st....
well lets see I have two cj2a's 47 and a 48 a 62 willys pickup and now I am looking at wagons go figure I hope its normal or I'm in big trouble :D
Well my current project is a pickup and it is going through a stock recessation. Unfortantly it is stuck literally 30 feet from the garage and in a snow bank. Part of my issue is I am in to rare and obscure. I tracked down parts that people said didn't exist or are so rare you won't find them for my pickup. As for my sheet metal on the truck there is a couple of dents and mostly surface rust. The PO did cut the whole passanger floor out to remove the transmission and transfer. The only metal I gotta replace is the floor and the tailgate. My truck is also a Fairmont A-30-a truck. So I have a pension for the obscure. I found a couple of wagons that are to good to pass up or I would be waiting till after this one before bringing them home. Depending what I find out from the guy one of them may get the 4.0l swap that someone else is also doing as I got plenty of 97 Grand Cherokee parts floating around as well.
Tell the wife all about it when she can't hear...mouth it....when she see the new opportunity tell her we talked about it honey, which one do you want? I like your sickness and have felt the urge myself....stronger than a 10 lb. magnet.
I have one on the lift in my shop that I just rebuilt the transmission for. I have one parked behind the shop, I have another in the shop that I bought last week. A complete basket case (everything in boxes ), and I drove 3 1/2 hours today, each way, to look at two wagons in the next state. Do you mean this isn't normal? :?
Well I know what you mean on thedriving for them part. I drove 6 hours one way to pickup the truck I have out back and as for the two wagons if everything goes right I will have to drive across country from Montana to Pennsylvania
Hey Jeff, you're DOOMED! Welcome to Willys-Aholics! Just imagine if all of us on Old Willys Forum were sitting around in a circle at some W-A meeting and saying... "Hi, I'm John. And I'm a Willys-Aholic. I've got a 63 Willys Wagon and a 57 Willys Pickup. And then everyone responds with... "Hi John". Hahaha... It IS a Sickness. Good Luck with your project!
phsarge said:
Well I know what you mean on thedriving for them part. I drove 6 hours one way to pickup the truck I have out back and as for the two wagons if everything goes right I will have to drive across country from Montana to Pennsylvania

I hope you're not talking about a pair of early 60's ones in Bedford County, one with a plow and one without. If so, don't even bother, total rust-buckets. Passed on them myself.

The irony on this site never ceases to amaze me. I'm from PA and if I don't find what I'm looking for by the end of April, I'm heading west.

*Shakes head*

I wish you luck and a lack of road-salt. Nothing here survives. it.
No the two I'm going after are probably going to be rust buckets but they fill the need for something that got taken from me earlier in my willys afflication.
Well maggie Mae what are you lookin for? i live in Montana so findin things is pretty easy. my problem is my I tend to lean towards a perticular model of vehicle. Since I have started into Willys I have owned two. One that i shoulda fought for and the other a friend took care of me with. They were both fairmont railroad variants. the first was a four door wagon. the second was the pickup i currently own. The first I know of 10 that have been verified and three more rumored and the pickup I know of three right now.

how far west are you headed? if all the way out here you might want to give george a call at montana overland he may be able to help out with something. i been to his place a couple of times and he real good people. Thats also where my pickup came from.

for me the rust and the road salt is worth the effort to preserve the few that i may be able to get ahold of that truely are harder to find. out here i have come across or been told about vehicles all over the place and alot of them i have been lucky enough to spread to friends who truly like the trucks and are wiling to save them. Found one for a guy i worked with who is up there in years and it was amazing to hear the stories about the one he had when he was younger that he quote " should have never sold ". He wanted an old pickup and we started talkin and the next thing i know i am passing him one of my neighbors numbers to call. Standard trucks wagons and fc's abound out here. alot of them in real decent shape.

I think i may have wondered off there alittle. if you are coming all the way out this way let me know I'll see if i can't find something. If not your only a hop skip and jump from all the others who live in Idaho. there is always a bunch on craigslist out there as well.
All I want is a 4x4 stationwagon with a domed roof, a split windshield, and a 2-glass upper tailgaite. It need not run. It need not even have a motor (I've already got my 226) or transmission (somehow I've managed to drag home 6), though I'd prefer the body and frame to be as un-molested as possible (read as: no replaced rear panels) and free of any serrious rust-through. *I've been turning wrenches since I was about 12, but body work sort of terrifies me*

As far as how far west I'm going, the answer is simple: As far as it takes. Already signed up for 6 days of vacation time. If I don't find something before then I'm leaving here after work on April 28th and don't have to be back until the 8th of May. I've been draging parts home since June, was in KY, TN, AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, & WV back in October and came up empty handed, and I'm more than a little beside myself at this point trying to find a good body.

If I do end up out that direction, I'll definately hit you up for more info! Thanks!!