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Oct 6, 2010
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Hello all,

My name is Doug. I live in S.E. Michigan. I am the proud owner of a 1957 Willys Wagon. As is with probably most of you, mine is a work in progress. I have had the wagon for a little over a year now and in the slow process of getting it back on the road, I have encountered alot that I didn't know about before. The wagon has had some less than professional alterations which I am trying to resolve. All in all though,this is a great hobbie. It is great to have resources like this forum to refer to.
Welcome aboard Doug! This is a great place for information, pics, and bouncing ideas around. Good luck with the wagon. :thumbupleft:
If you have the sickness, this is the place....Welcome!

Welcome to the forum.

Still have a grandfather that lives down river in Trenton South of Detroit.
Welcome to the forum.

You also have another Wagon Nut west of you on 94 in the Ann Arbor area.