Integrating Trucks into the mix...


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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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I've decided to include the Trucks, and would like your input on the best way to integrate them into the forum.

I will be registering another domain name for the trucks that will point to the same place, so the Trucks will have their own web address.

I'm wondering how you all feel about sub-categories in the forum. Right now, all of the discussion is under one category, called General Discussion. I tend to like everything in one place, so that I don't have to look through different sections of a forum. I think it is easier to page through the current posts and see if there is anything that interests me.

That said, with wagons and trucks, maybe it is better to have three sub-categories: Wagon specific discussion, Truck specific discussion, and General Tech that applies to both.

Thoughts? Keep it all under one roof or split it up into sections?

Thanks for your input...

No need for specificity if it's on the same site. If it's gonna be done just throw it all in one basket.
I agree, one basket....people posting can use sw and pu and know what was being said...we are all one big family... united as one - Willys! We wouldn't split up the station wagon and the delivery panel.....