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Aug 27, 2010
Colorado Springs, CO
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Do any of you use your Willys as a daily driver? If so, do you have more than just liability? I'm trying to get something more than just liability to protect my investment, but my insurance company won't do anything more because of its age. I've checked with some of the other companies that specialize in classics, but they won't allow it to be used as a daily driver. Any suggestions?
My 52 is my daily driver I commute 60 miles round trip daily. I am with State Farm and they insure it for the value as a regular auto. if you want the classic rate you have to drive it like classic....only on sunny days. just my particular case anyway.
I only have liability on the driver wagon. But my insurance company will let me set a declared value for comp when I get the project one ready.
Farm Bureau of Idaho is who I have.
My quote for adding it to my plan with my self and finance, with an existing car added $700 for 6 months.
$1,000 was the max for Comprehensive and Collision.
Ohh and i have Progressive. ^.^ it didnt matter if i choose for pleasure or daily driver, the quote was the same.
I have liability / comprehensive on mine through State Farm. I pay $32 a month (with multiple car discount). I put a value of 6K on it. Of course I probably have more than that in to it, but if it gets trashed at least I don't lose it all. I drive it all the time when it's running. :)

A friend of mine in California just bought 53 Pick up. He has it insured through Grundy as a classic vehicle. He says he pays next to nothing and can drive it as much as he wants. Might be smart to check this one out. I'm too loyal and stubborn.
My wife drives our 51 Willys truck daily ,but not in the winter when the roads are salted.We have just liability insurance right now,same policy as our newer Jeeps.By spring the truck should be painted and look more appealing to the insurance co for comphensive insurance.I believe our insurance co. has a deal forolder vehicles used as daily drivers without the limitations of classic insurance.
Thanks everyone. I'll check with the companies you all listed and see what I can come up with. I'm just worried some bonehead will T-bone me and then I'm out for everything I have into it. We'll see what I'm able to find.