Identifiying starter motor for new bendix


Bigger Hammer
Nov 8, 2010
Near Dubbo Australia
Willys Model
Willys Year:
In the future i will be replacing the clutch in my 1951 willys p/u which has the f-134 motor and am sourcing all the parts before i start.The bendix on the starter needs doing but im not sure what stater i have cant seem to find any ID plate, when buying parts from the states i need to get it right .....It has the foot mechincal starter but the ones i have looked at all state it should be a 6volt starter mines definently 12v and it doesnt turn like a 6 running on 12 if you know what i mean.Everything else in the truck is 12v it still runs a generator and it all seems original ...thanks in advance for any replys cheers mike
Mike, I have tried to do the same thing many years ago. Finding a bendix drive for those starters is really tough. If you do manage to find one, you'll pay as much for it as you would a complete starter assy, but if you do manage to get a hold of one, please be sure to post the info for the other guys with those set ups. Thanks much.