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Oct 15, 2010
Henniker, NH
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Hey guys new to the forum, but not new to willys. In the past i have had an FC 170 as well as all of the modern jeeps. We just moved to NH from NY and i just bought a 57 wagon. For now this will be my snow plower and next summer shes getting restored. So for now i am researching!!!
jeepcrazy69 said:
Hey guys new to the forum, but not new to willys.

Welcome to the forum Sean. Post a few pics when you get a chance, I'd like to see your plow setup.

Welcome to the forum. We like pics so throw a few up if you get a chance.
Welcome. Always good to add more enthusiasts to the site. Look forward to pictures of your wagon. Do you still have the FC? I've always like those too.
Hey guys! No NY any more Now in NH , ill get pics up this weekend, with two little kids its next to impossible! I sold my FC about 3 years ago , loved it but couldnt see it sit around doing nothing! As you can see by my other posts i think this truck is going to be interesting but hey im up for the challenge!!


Welcome....great color, shamrock green just right for St. Patrick's Day. But that plow...the pictures tell me it's heavy and the old girl needs a rest, she can't wait till next year's obortion, the removal. Perhaps NH won't get much snow this winter, but if you do, I would like to see an action shot or two.
Hey Jeep Crazy

Welcome from upstate NY here. Albany area actually. Not a lot of the Willys wagons or trucks in these parts. Hope you can hang around and get to know us. I hope the taxes are little lower in NH than they are in NY state. Pray for lots of snow so you can get to use the old plow wagon. :)))