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Nov 15, 2009
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In an effort to help those who are not familiar with how to work with images so you can post pics, I will start this thread and offer some help.

When you take a photo with a digital camera, the picture needs to be uploaded to your pc. Every camera is different so you're on your own with this part of the lesson.

It is a good idea to group similar pictures in to their own folder so you can easily organize your photos. One method I use is to create a folder called "52 Willys Truck Build". Inside of that folder I create another folder called "Disassembly", "Brakes", "Electrical", "Axles", etc.

Then when I upload the pictures to my pc, I move them into the correct or corresponding folder. Then when somebody asks me a question about how did I do the brakes, I know right where the picture is stored on my pc.

Today's digital cameras take really good pictures, thus they are high resolution and also large in file size. Large file sizes take a long time to upload and download and when you view a web page, if the photo is too large it will take too long to load on your pc and people will get tired of waiting and leave the website. To correct this problem most web sites won't allow extremely large files to be uploaded. It is up to the user to reduce the file size before uploading. There are software programs for sale that are good at editing photos. If you want a free one, you can use MicroSoft Paint. It comes as part of the MicroSoft operating system. To use it, the easiest way is to right-click on a photo. A pop-up box will appear with several selections. Find "open with" and click on it one time. A submenu will pop up to the right with choices of programs installed on your computer that will open that picture. Choose "Paint". The picture will open up using the MicroSoft Paint program.

To re-size the image, click on the "Image" tab at the top. A submenu will pop up. Choose "Stretch Skew". Change 100% horizontal to 50% and also change 100% vertical to 50%. Go to the "File" tab and select "Save As". Chage the file name to something different, and if you want to save the smaller picture in a different folder, you now have that option by choosing a new location in the "Save In" box.

The picture is now smaller in physical size and file size. Hope this helps.


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Oct 15, 2009
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Most digital cameras have a Image mode setting. If you set it at 1024 it's a good size for PC's. Just go to Menu and go to image mode. I find this the best setting for uploading photo's fast on most forums and on my own photo sites. If you have large photo's already I use Gimp 2 free down load to change the size. ... oduct=gimp

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Oct 19, 2009
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Thanks for the help...I went back to my pictures in the computer and sure enough I could resize them....who would have thought....just had to remember to resize them to 800 x 600 pixels...I had to do it twice, originally the pic's had something like 3,200 pix's and I reduced it by half...which wasn't magic I posted some pic's. Now I will work on attaching a pic to a post...this stuff is harder than replacing rust.