how to remove steering column for cab removal


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Jan 27, 2011
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what must be done to the steering column to remove the cab off the 53 truck chassis? so far I having troubles removing the steering wheel, it's problem removing the nut. can the column be disconnected at the steering gear box? no problem with the steering column drop (support from dash), bolts are loose, ready to be removed. I guess worst case is to removed the gear box from the chassis. thanks for any help.
Best way I have found, is to remove the steering box from the frame. You must remove the Pittman arm from the steering box to do this, then pull the whole unit up thru the floor board.
Agree with above, steering box has to come off, the shaft the steering wheel is on runs all the way into it and will not come out without a fight, easier to pull all at once. The steering wheel is on a tapered spline. Once the nut is off tap around the bottom of the hub of the wheel with a rubber mallett, easy does it, wheels are expensive if you break it.
Here's a tip on getting the pitman arm loose from the linkage. loosen the mut part way and slap the potman arm at the connection really hard with a hammer and it should pop loose. might take a couple of really hard slaps.
Get that steering wheel off, or you're gonna end up (more than likely) damaging it, while the unit is out. Here's the steps.
1. soak splines with penetrating oil for at least a day
2. sit in the driver seat
3. put right foot on brake pedal with right knee under bottom of steering wheel
4. put both hands at top of steering wheel
5. press up with knee on steering wheel, then let off
6. pull (do not jerk) top of steering wheel with hands
7. repeat this process. It will take some time, but it's important to use slow steady pressure. Do not jerk or smack the wheel with a hammer/mallet.
This process will work. then you can disconnect the box and take it and the column down and out.
I had to use a gear puller to get the wheel off.I had one of theose split beating puller collars under the wheel,with a two legs of the pull on it.Tightened the puller screw and it popped right off.
I always use a dedicated Pitman arm puller on the steering box.
Thanks for the replies!
I think I am going to try to removed the steering gear box and see hows it goes. Removing the steering wheel might help, but then I gotta lift the cab to the moon to clear the steering column, doesn't sound like fun.

Removed the bed today, good thing I have a grinder:)
I think what aqua willy means is to take the steering wheel off before removing the rest of the steering gear. I would agree with that.



Pardon my boringness, but these movies should help you out. I used a large bearing puller around the steering wheel. It doesn't damage the steering wheel at all, and is guaranteed to get it off, even if it is stubborn. I used a 2-arm puller tool attached to the large bearing puller. Make sure to put a washer, nut, socket, you pick, on the end of the steering shaft tube. You don't want to bend it or damage it with the puller tool.
Well, the cab is off the chassis! I used a pitman puller to remove the pitman arm off the steering box shaft. Then unbolted the box, removed the 1/2 bolts holding the column to the dash and push the whole assembly into the cab as far as it can go, then secured the steering wheel with a tie down strap to back of the cab...haven't removed the steering wheel yet. The steering column access hole in the firewall has been modified, so I can't slide the whole assembly up and out...probably gotta cut a larger hole. The adventure continues!