How much to have custom interior done?


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Feb 6, 2010
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I am getting close to figuring out what I want to do with the interior of my Panel and I have no idea what I should expect to pay. My plan is to have two original seats refoamed and recovered, all new windlace around front doors, door panels made with maybe three toned vinyl covering and Willys Overland Symbol embossed, cowl kick panels, interior panels for top and bottom in back on sides (also with the lower panels having three tone vinyl), all new headliner, everything installed over significant insulating. I had an interior guy who comes highly recommended quote it at $4500 for everything, installed. That seems a bit pricey, but I have seen his work and it is phenomenal. He usually does high end cars and prototype cars for the big three so his skill level may be overkill, but if this is about what it sounds like it would be for anyone, then I would stick with him. I wasn't expecting it to cost this much, but I have already blown the budget completely and I want this Panel to look great when done. I originally thought I wasn't going for super high quality on this project, but I am notorious for not being able to hold back on these sorts of things and I just keep wanting to make it better every step along the way.

Anyone else have any interior finishing done that might have some insight. Am I crazy to even consider spending that much? Can't fathom cutting corners at this point, but maybe I can find someone cheaper but good quality.
$4500 - ouch!
Nick, so long as you can easily afford it, it doesn't matter what it costs. Permit me to warn you that the chances of getting your money back when you sell is low indeed.
I'm the type of guy that will wait until I can do the work myself... consequently our wagon's headlining etc. has remained in the basement for over 5 years....
Yeah, I don't expect to recoup the cost. Selling won't be happening as it is going to be a marketing tool for my family business and will likely be in the family for a long time to come. Since I'm only 40, the soonest this thing might even possibly be sold will be at least 20 years from now. The cost isn't too much of an issue if that is really what quality interior work is going to cost. I just don't want to pay way more than what would be 'normal'.
Your quote doesn't sound out of reason! Especially what you want done. Besides, getting a good trimmer is usually half the battle. If this guy is as good as you say he is, go for it. A nice interior makes all your efforts worth while, and gives the car a quality finished look. When I did my '54 Ford sedan 15 yrs ago, I had the interior done in a wide pleat with soft velor material. Cost almost 2 grand but the compliments, fit and finish, and just plain wow factor put the car in a different league than most wannabe street rods. You won't regret it


You will actually spend time on the inside, so it should be nice and comfortable. Cutting corners on the interior will be noticed by anyone who comes close to look at a nice wagon. 4500 does sound steep, but you will pay more for a real craftsman to do the work, and it will hold up better than a regular installer. People with real talent are usually busy so they can charge more.

I will end up doing my own interior, but there are no upholstery shops near me. I'm not counting on it turning out professional looking, but I will take the time to make it passable. Materials alone will be about 700.00, and that isn't premium materials.
Chris, check out furniture reupholsterers. They will sometimes make seat covers and things for you

Nick, I'm thinking (as you are) that is a bit pricey. I suppose if he's doing the complete top to bottom finishing it might be in the ball park, but it is completely subjective.

Seats - I pulled my seats off the frames and had them covered the way I wanted them. Each set cost me under $200

Head liner - purchased from the jeepsterman back in 1997 (aprox $150)

Side panels - purchased material at fabric store ($50)

Installed myself. Definitely not professional, but most folks liked it.

$4,500?? It's all about what makes you happy. Don't second guess yourself too much.
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