How many different chain drive cams are there?


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Oct 10, 2022
Atascadero, Ca
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I have a 1939 pickup with the original engine. When I rebuilt it 50 years ago, the cam was pitted. I want to replace the cam and followers but I don't know what cam to look for. Also, did the '39 use the wide timing chain and sprockets or the more narrow ones?


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I drove it about 10 years ago. It has the original honeycomb radiator and it over heats easily because it must be semi plugged up. I have a NOS honeycomb core to put into it.. After I first got it running in 1972, I drove it all around the beach areas of Los Angeles. My wife and I went out on dates in it before we were married 46 years ago. .The engine runs good as I rebuilt it but couldn't find a new cam for it then. It has almost always been in dry storage since I bought it.
I think the cams are the same in the MBs I do have a pre war engine (rounded cyllinder wall block) but I won't take it apart for a cam. I could just send an early MB cam and if it will work you could pay after.