How do I adjust the clutch on my 1960 Willys Wagon????


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Jan 8, 2011
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How do I adjust the clutch on my 1960 Willys Wagon?
Does anyone have any pics? Or know of a link?
Is it pretty easy?
Thanks for your help
Welcome to the forum,

I just grabbed the service manual from the truck to look it up. I am guessing you have a 4x4 model right?
There are a few pretty basic pedal/linkage adjustments that can be made provided you still have the original engine transmission set up.

If so there is a rod on the clutch control lever (pedal adjusting rod is 6cyl) that should have 2 nuts on it to lock it into position. Loosening these two and adjusting in or out depending on which direction it needs to go is the starting point.

According to the manual when you pedal is adjusted properly you should have 1" of free pedal travel before engagement starts.

Hope that helps.
I can work on getting the pics scanned in too if you want me too. Just stuck at work right now.

Good Luck
Had date night with my wife last night will get that scanned in and emailed to ya here as soon as I can


The service manual pages have been scanned in, and placed in the Reference Library for ease of future finding.

Thanks for the Question.