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Jan 7, 2010
Scottsdale, AZ
Willys Model
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Here are a couple of items I picked up off e bay.

Willy's Overland Bronze Belt buckle. Very nice, signed and numbered too. Willy's money clip, the clip is nickel and the 'Willys' scroll is sterling silver. Also very nice. $20, $14 bucks, both made by the same guy over in Ca. ... MEWNX%3AIT

Apparently on some early Willy's models a brass tag was affixed to the cowl (???), its says Jeep product by Willys Overland. Anyhow kinda neat so I got one. Its a repo, but that is ok. $10 bucks: ... MEWNX%3AIT

Just thought I would pass this stuff on to my friends. Its all good quality stuff, not junk.


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