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Sep 11, 2010
Northeastern Colorado
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  1. 1954
Hi all……Decide I better stop in and introduce myself before I get too carried away. I have been lurking here for a little over a month, enjoying all the good stuff everyone has posted here. This info has given me some good ideas to use on mine.

I live in Northeastern Colorado and have been a lover of old Willys wagons and pick-ups since I was around 15 years old. Over the years I have past on buying several, because I didn’t have the time or the funding to restore one. Well 30 years later I finally am the proud owner of 1954 wagon. We pick her up Aug 28 and I’ve been in love ever since.

Anyway I just wanted to pop in and say Hi and I’ll get my build thread going here soon.

Thanks Pete for a great site for old Willys owners and lovers............

Here’s a couple of pic’s from the day I picked her up.



Hey Terry, Welcome to the fan club. I guess you're up to some sheet metal work, as far as those fenders and roof go, huh. :) Does the 226 run? Seeing everyone get there's running and having new ones pop up is really eating at me these days. Spring can't get here fast enough for me. I need to get the toy back on the road. We'll all be looking in to see what you got going on, so keep the posts coming and have fun.
Aquawilly, I do have some sheet metal work to do, but it's not going to be all that bad. There's no rust on the roof, but it was beat up pretty good. I have most of that straighten out. The section above the sliding window on the drivers side was pretty bad. The front fenders do need some TLC, but they are coming along nicely. I'll cover it all in the build tread. The 226 hadn't ran for 10 years. I ran a compression test, put some oil in the cylinders, new plug, set the points and kitted the carb and she fired right up and sounds good. :thumbupleft: I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Welcome to the forums. Nice looking wagon, looks pretty complete.
Welcome. Looking forward to your build. One more wagon spared and revived. :cheers:
Glad to have here on the forum, it sure seems like there are a BUNCH of you folks in Colorado building Wagons...and are sharing your projects here....keep 'em coming....we love pictures (even if it's rust) :lol: