Bigger Hammer
Dec 18, 2009
Ozark, Alabama
Well, this is my intro post I suppose...

I live in Minnesota, and I have a 1950 Willys Pickup project. The plan is to turn it into a daily driver...which I am estimating will take a few years. I will post more on the truck plan elsewhere on the forum. I'm just getting back into rebuilding things, so if anyone in the metro in Minnesota needs an extra hand with a project, let me know. I still have alot to learn!


Bigger Hammer
Oct 27, 2009
Jacksonville, Florida
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Welcome to Old Willys Forum. Don't look like you got to bad of start. There is alot of technical expertise out here to be had as well as spare parts. These as a bunch of great guys out here willing to help With years of experiance willing to help. This site is one of my best finds on the internet. Feel free to open up a topic or read some of the old ones. Many questions have been answered there. Again i welcome you, enjoy the site. Chuck

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Oct 19, 2009
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  1. 1962
Welcome to the forum, I hope you have cleaned out your garage so the Willys as a nice place for the winter. I too 'em building a daily drive but a Wagon...I like keeping up with the fast lane vehicles. Flag yourself on the members map and post some pictures of you Willys and up dates as your project gets started. Merry Christmas!