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Jan 1, 2010
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  1. 1954
My 1954 Willys Wagon was built as a Model 685 SW. According to the VIN and the "6" embossed on the hood ornament it originally had a 6 cylinder engine. It is now powered with a flathead 4 and I have no idea what year the motor was built.

I looked at the flat area on the block between the head and the water pump, but all that is there is a nice set of mill marks where someone decked the block during a rebuild and wiped out the serial number.

The distributor has a vacuum advance, but the ID plate is missing.

The flywheel timing marks read T.C. and 5 which my service manual says is the "LATE TYPE ENGINES",but what years are "LATE"?

Can anyone help me narrow down the year or years this engine was produced?

Old Willy


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Can't help with the ID, but will trade you a "4" grill chrome emblem for your "6" if you want. My truck came with a 4cyl. and I put in a 6cyl.
I just tell everybody the 4 means 4wd :lol: