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Apr 16, 2010
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[attachment=2:jduqdevg]IMG_0901.JPG[/attachment:jduqdevg]I just bought my first Willys. It's a '55 4x4 Wagon with a 6-226. The previous owner did a SOA lift on it. I would like to get the suspension back to original, but don't know how. I know the steering has been modified but I don't know how. The steer linkage attaches to the top of the knuckle. Is this correct or should it be on the bottom? As you can see from the driver-side photo, the shock post is turned around facing to the inside because if faced outside, it will interfere with the steering drag link. Also, the drag link coming from the steering box has been lengthened. The passenger side originally had a shock when I brought it home, but I removed it until I figure out the driver's side. I'm not driving it on the road, because I feel it isn't the safest vehicle in the world as it sits now. The spring plates, or seats, are on top of both axles. Should they be on the bottom? I'm baffled! Plus it doesn't help that I'm not much of an auto mechanic. I need photos of an original rig. Please help me if you can.


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The drag link will need to be move to the underside of the knuckle with the kingpin. I have some close to stock knuckle pics I can get. I am in the process of a power steering conversion on mine and might have a non-modified steering link for ya here in the near future. Moving the axles back under the springs would be a good idea along with new spring plates if needed and u-bolts (kaiserwillys). Might also want to double check you brake lines/hoses for what mods may have been done there too. You will also need stock length shocks.

Other wise nice looking rig.

Eric B
Thanks for your help. I scoured the internet this afternoon and think I'm beginning to figure out how the stock suspension should look. I probably will need some steering parts if you have any left over. I thought that the linkage should be on the bottom of the knuckle, but was not sure. For the life of me, I could not figure out how the shock was clearing with it on top. I think it should be an easy fix. Just need to move or fabricate new spring plates for the axles....I think!

Thanks again for your help. If you have any parts left over after the conversion, email me pics and prices. My email is

Mark here is some shots of my 57 wagon chasis. Body is on rotiserie.


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Those pics are exactly what I needed to see. I can see easily what I need to do now.

Thanks a million,
Mark :cheers:
Another question of many more to come I'm sure. Do you have any suggestions on wheels? I'd like to go with an OEM look, but I want to run tubeless radials. Should I just find some 5x5.5 wheels and macine the center to fit the hub or do you know of any other options?
Mark There are several oem wheels available from members and our vendors. You can run radial tubes in the wheels if they cant be sealed up with valve stem. After market and ford wheels will probably have to be trimmed 1/8 - 3/16" to fit over the hub.
I have early CJ-5 wheels on mine that are 5 on 5.5", and have enough opening for the hub, and also fit with the disc brake conversion. They look the same, plus since they are 15" you have more of a selection for tires.