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Nov 16, 2009
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I've been a Willys Jeep person ever since I got a plastic Jeep for Xmas back in the late 50's. The thing was about 10 " long ,had a bunch of tools ,a jack,spare tire,the hood opened,and some of the parts could be unbolted. Somehow in my teens the Jeep got lost. In my late teens I bought a CJ2a and had a blast with it ,bent frame ,oil burner,poor brakes ,junkyard seats,etc,but it was great. Ten or so years of marriage and kids passed while the Jeep sat. Then money and time were a little more plentiful,and 2 M38's ,a M 37 , and a M715 were acquired. I needed one more Jeep to fill my needs,I pondered and tryed to convince the Boss,that a M35 Kaiser(Jeep) would be the last Jeep I would ever buy. Well a 1952 Willys pickup that I had been trying to buy for years became mine ,so the duece never happened. Have'nt had it too long,but long enough to know the bad and good about it. The good is it runs and it's a Jeep.The bad is holes in floor boards,needs paint and body work,fuel pump,brakes,gas tank,complete interior,tires,glass,etc. And that old pickup is why I am here.

Dave ,in Wisconsin
Nice intro Dave, Welcome...

Look at it this way Dave. When you make progress on it you'll appreciate it that much more. :) Each Willys i've owned (one at a time) has started as a basket case. None of them ever got "total" restoration, but every time I accomplished something on them It was like having a new toy. Pretty cool. I've owned my current wagon for 12 years now, and it still has a long way to go, which tells me it'll never reach the show quality standard. Oh well. Look fwd to seeing some pics of yours on here.
Dave, I feel your pain brother...I too have a project that will be my last (maybe). This is my second Wagon, but first 4 x 4...
Good Luck on your resto....
Welcome Dave! Hey, they are all a work in progress with memories abundant! :) JEEP (just empty every pocket!) . . ,love the wagons (my heritage) but trucks are cool too!!!
Welcome! Soundsrs needs a lot of the same stuff mine does......... Good luck with it and keep us posted on the progress.