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Oct 23, 2009
Puyallup Wa.
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Jeff from Puyallup Wa. here. After six years of parts collecting this is the winter My '54 gets repowered and on the road. I was not allowed to start this restoration untill I got the wifes '66 corvair done, but that was finished this summer so I dragged the wagon out of the blackberrries and into the shop.[attachment=0:10c8tgkc]Apr15#20.JPG[/attachment:10c8tgkc]
Plans are for a stock look outside with power steering and a/c, mercedes 2.4 four cylinder diesel power, 4sp manual, Dana 20 transfer case, koenig winch, stock axles except for a 3.92 ratio and front discs. Dual tanks, one for diesel, one for waste veggie oil or biodiesel. This is to be a daily driver.


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Hello jnichols! I too am interested in repowering with a diesel - the mercedes diesels are excellent. Please keep us all up to speed on your progress. I am particularly keen to learn how you adapt a 4 spd (T18?) to the diesel. Take lots of pictures please!

Have you seen this 300TD repower?



I will be using the mercedes four speed trans. that came with the donor vehicle and a model 18 transfer case with a 70's vintage divorce kit. These divorced t/cases can be found under old datsun pickups with a four wheel drive conversion. They used a jeep front axle and a adaptor to divorce the t/case and had a short driveline between the trans. and t/case. I have found three in the last few years. Got them all for free, one model 18, one model 20 and one hybrid contraption that has two rear output flanges and was under a 6x6 datsun!
That's a very interesting set up, to be sure! I eventually want to replace the Tornado OHC six in our wagon with a smaller diesel. Several people have recommended the Mercedes 240 and I like the idea of less weight compared to the 300D which weighs about 575 lbs (the Tornado engine weighs the same amount). I had no idea there was a divorce kit for the D18 transfer case. I'll start looking around for 70s Datsun pickups but suspect most have gone to their 'rewards' by now.

Thanks very much for the info. I'm in Vancouver, BC - not very far from you.


Welcome, glad to have ya here. I like your idea of a diesel as well. I understand that Mitsubishi has been making the Jeep in Japan up until the early 90's. Knowing that....I see that they had been using the diesel 2.5 (Montero 1986-1991) and the 2.8 (Montero 1992-2000). Being that I live in Georgia and my Willys is stuck in Colorado covered with snow...I have sometime to search for a donor...I hate to ask, but have you flag your location on the members map? I hate to ask because I'm doing all I can to have more Willys registered east of the Mississippi, including buying from CO and moving them to GA.