Hello from So Cal


Precision Fit
Oct 16, 2009
Kuna, Idaho
First Name
Willys Model
  1. Wagon
  2. Pickup
Willys Year:
  1. 1955
My name is Gary Hinz and I live just south of Corona, California. I have two Willys, a very modified 55 pick up and a soon to be returned to stock 55 wagon. The wagon has a V8 that will soon be replaced with a 226 super hurricane, T-90, Dana 18, and Warn overdrive. The pick up has a 350 (won at a car show raffle for $5.00), turbo 400, NP 205, 9" rear with detroit locker, 44 front with power lock and disc brakes, power steering, tilt wheel, etc. Now that I am retired, I hope to devote more time to both Willys.

62 OlllO

Well Oiled
Oct 19, 2009
First Name
Willys Model
  1. Wagon
Willys Year:
  1. 1962
Howdee So Cal......glad to see ya here...but do the rules allow us to own two Willys? Enjoy :-D