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Oct 21, 2009
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Hello all! I'm new to the forum and am looking forward to reading up on Willys wagons and trucks. Earlier this spring, I purchased an odd wagon from a local fellow. Sold new in central PA, it was dealer modified with an extra door on the right side. It looks as though it was built on the truck chassis, hence the longer wheelbase. It was built for a timber camp to haul workers up and down the mountain. With a 4 cylinder engine, speed was not a factor here!
Attached is a link to a picture of the wagon on the day I picked it up.
Welcome to OWW from Flintville Tennessee. That is a rather unique wagon with the added door. Has the right quarter been smoothed? Looks like the bodylines are missing. 52wagon
Hi there jimkf. That's certainly a unique model you have there! Is there an extra row of seats inside? When you get time post some more pictures please. I'm interested in how the floor was extended.

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Hello again! The wagon was built using a truck cab. The rear section from the cab became the rear of the waon body so as a result, there is no tailgate. The floor is all wagon with an extra section pieced in due to the longer length wheelbase. The back section of the wagon is flat sheet metal that was well done and contoured to look like the wagon, albeit without the body lines that other wagons have. The extra door used the same hinge as the lower gate on a wagon. The interior panels are all masonite and the window in the extra door does wind up and down. There are 3 rows of seats, including the driver/passenger.
I will post more pix as soon.
WELCOME OHIO...that's what I'm talking about.....members east of the Mississippi....don't forget to flag your location on the members map....we need more east to register their Willys.
Ohio....please, please use a camera and post the pictures...I would like to see your Willys with a right-hand fire exit :D
We members that don't read to good like pictures...