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Jun 15, 2010
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Hello everyone. My names Jeff and I am in North Central Montana. I got ahold of a 51 willys wagon 4 door. This may get traded off though for a wagon and pickup years not known yet. I hope to get to know everyone on here and maybe be able to get some good advice as well.

Hello Jeff - welcome to the forum - there are lots of good people here!
Interestingly, our Willys (named Bluebell by the kids years ago) spent most of her life on a ranch in Montana but ended up on Vancouver Island before we took over care and feeding!
Be sure to post lots of pictures and have fun!


OK here is the picture I have.I have to bring it home from North dakota. This is the picture I took when I bought it just didn't have a trailor with me. Found it by accident.


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phsarge said:
Found it by accident.

Welcome to the forum. Your 4door is an amazing find. You should get a hold of Dave at Willys Country, he is the 4door guru. There is a link to his website on the portal page.

Post more pics when you get a chance.

What you have there is a Willys Fairmont Wagon. They were used on the railroads. If you inspect closely underneath, you may find evidence of the railroad gadget bracketry used to fit the wheels, so it could neeander down the tracks. Very Cool for you.

Paul Barry at Willys America has all sorts of information on these wagons. He's got three of them.
Your 4 Door Wagon has to be the first on the Forum....you are the only one....and that make you and the wagon rare indeed....Congrats on you find! :thumbup: