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Oct 12, 2009
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I'm in West Central Georgia, and have owned the 53 around 30 years. There have never been very many Willys Wagons in this part of the country, so I get many "What is that?"comments when people see it for the first time. It came from the factory as a 2WD model with a sheet metal frame and planar front axle. The frame too rusty to repair so after fruitless searching for a stock Willys 4x4 frame I found that a Blazer frame was a close match (it was also free :D ). After removing the factory body mounts and cutting several inches from the rear of the frame, I found that the body fit over the frame nicely. The engine needed to be moved back 5.5 inches so I modified the stock crossmembers. I am currently moving the steering box to the inside of the frame.
53willyswgn, Welcome to the Willys Wagon forum from Flintville Tennessee, south central Tennessee, 115 miles to Chattanooga. I just bought my 52 that last had a SBC in it. These are unique vehicles and that's what drew my attention to this one. 52wagon
Great to have another Georgian on the members map, we're getting stronger....53willyswgn....have you been taking pic's? if so I look forward in seeing them...you are right about people's interest in these when they see them....I like them because for me they offer great styling of their times and in today's world they are a bit off center which explains who I' em!
Thanks for the welcome! I apologize for not responding sooner, I hope to become a more frequent visitor and participant. I have read through every post on the board and am very impressed with the builds and commitment to the brand! :cheers:
Is is good to see that there are folks close enough that I could visit in person to see their builds first hand.
Yes I have been taking pics and hope to be able to share.
Looks like I missed your intro back in October... so a belated welcome to the forum! :cheers:

Hello and Merry Post Christmas ...

Here's an idea for next year ... Bring your Willys to Asheville next October ...

See Willys:
- from multiple states (7 states came last year)
- in all conditions (rust buckets to trailers queens)
- from stock and tricked out (standardized to customized)
- owners from young to old (meet a 14 yr old Willys enthusiast)
- parts, pieces and portions (swap meet)

Put us on your calendar ... Hope to hear from you 10/7/17 ...

Will(ys) Springer
Phone: 828-687-0334
e-mail: wills@SoutheastWillysJeepGetTogether.com
First Saturday in October • Asheville, NC
Welcome from Colorado, 53willyswgn. The K-5 Blazer is a good candidate for a Chassis Swap for a Willys Wagon. Are you planning to utilize the whole Blazer Drive Train as well? That makes for a pretty good Upgraded Wagon! Post some Pics of your Wagon! Pivnic