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Aug 10, 2010
Manchester, CT
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I'm looking for some heat! Does anyone have info on where I may be able to get a heater for my Willys wagon? Even if it's just a good rebuildable unit. Thanks

I have a heater unit from a '62 wagon, I can email some pix if you are interested.

http://www.walcks4wd.com/Product/12-Vol ... 3-000/2643

"Not an original reproduction but a functional replacement."

Something like that?
Thanks for the info, gentlemen

Brian, I looked at what Walcks' has to offer, and at $220 they aren't exactly giving them away. For $9.00 more, VintageAir offers a unit for streetrods that's 11" x 10" x 5" that is heat/defrost, complete with switches, hoses, funnels, hot water valve and hardware

Bill, here's my e-mail address; lhe10jr@aol.com I'd like to see what you have!

I called Montana Overland this morning and talked to George, the proprieter, and he says he has four or five units available for $75 plus shipping. A fun guy to talk to


Lee, I have a heat/defrost unit out of my '49 Delivery available. Repainted original with a new core. Had to install AC because of wifes health issues.
Sorry, no pix available. Let me know if help doesn't come elsewhere. $100 + shipping.
Send me a PM or email, oldcarnut@centurytel.net
Thanks for all the tips, gents. Talked to George at Montana Overland, and he has several units in various types of design (where the inlet/outlet pipes are located). Ended up getting a unit from him for $75 and shipping. Almost bought the VintageAir unit (still may) but at $229, it doesn't fit the current budget. My friend put one of these in his '34 Ford coupe and it is ideal for small spaces. Works well too! But I like the vintage look for my restomod Willys