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Jul 11, 2010
Western NY state 315 er
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A guy we know has a pile of Maple he doesn't want.About a 8 mile ride and then back into the woods on a narrow trail.It's been cold the last few days so the earth was frozen,mud is more fun :D . Some low range driving and we made three trips.We usually take my 50 Chevy Pu to haul wood but it would have for sure got stuck.The Willys is in front of our "wood shed". The snow happened a day ago after the winter snow cover had melted off.

Love to see a Willys getting put to work...

The Willys is slow,with a load of firewood it's only slightly slower :D . A cord of silver maple stacked tightly 8 foot long ,4 foot wide and high is supposed to weigh between 2800 and 3600 pounds depending on how dry it is.This wood was stacked sloppy 1/2 cord. is about 1/2 dry ,around 1200 pounds a load I suppose.On the scale at the scrap yard this truck was 3150 pounds empty.I'm always amazed that this turd of a 2.2 engine originaly designed for a 1929 Whippet with a later addition of an F head can move 4400 pounds even with 5.38 gears. :eek:
But the roar of the engine,the whine of the transfer case at 40 mph is like you're really motoring :thumbup:
The old crate will haul quite a load, not quickly, but who's in a hurry.


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What great pics!! I'm sure you carefully loaded and unloaded that wood so you wouldn't scratch the inside of the bed!!! :lol:
Top shots...you fellas have inspired me to get the old willys out and go and cut some wood ..its been abit to hot here of late to drive it that much but there is a cooler change and you can feel winter starting to come around so it was time for some wood...we cut mainly white box, iron bark and abit of red gum they are all hardwoods ...i love the way these old willys just lug along mines a 51 aswell ..also what saws do you guys use over there ?..cheers mike


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Great pictures...work that Willys! As long as you are not in a hurry, cut me a load of firte wood too. You do deliver, don't you? :lol:
Even a regular Chevy 1950 ish 2 wheel drive pu truck had a comfortable cruising speed of 50 mph.Most roads were two lanes and still a lot of stone roads.Diesel engines were becoming popular in heavy duty trucks.With 180 HP to move 30 tons they used gears not power to move loads,slowly.A fast car might do 100 mph and accelerate to 60 mph in 10-12 seconds.
Now there's new Diesel PU trucks with 350 hp and 700 ft pounds of torque and the owners want more power :D