Happy New Years

And to you!!! Cold here tonight--below zero. . .glad the Willy's is in the garage. . .

Hey, just got my new edition of the West Coast Willy's newsletter. EXCELLENT READING! I'd encourage you to subsrcribe, even if you aren't out west (not you Sparky, obviously you are out west!). . . lots of fun stuff! http://www.westcoastwillys.com. You can view a sample of the newsletter. . . While it's below zero here and I'm not running the Willys. . . fun to read what's going on in sunny California!!! (or maybe rainy at this point! even Arizona is getting the white stuff!) :shock:

Here's to an awesome '11!

Happy New Year from OldWillysForum

Happy 2011 everyone! Hope you all have a safe and healthy new year. And may your Willy's have a good year too.
yeah made it thur another year git to start a new one :D Happy New Years Everyone :cheers: and yes it even snowed at my house I live just north of Phoenix its 30 out right now and the sun is just coming out (you can tell who the dd was last night :lol: ) sure is a pretty sunrise though. :thumbupleft: