Happy Camper Checking in!

Happy Camper

Knuckle Buster
May 2, 2018
St. Louis
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  1. Other
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  1. 1965
Hey! We are new owners of a Willy’s Jeep FJ6 Fleetvan! We love it! It needs alittle work on the inside but for the most part it’s in great condition. We will be using it for our company here in St Louis called Happy Camper Clothing Co. Still trying to upload a couple of pictures on here.


Well Oiled
Nov 24, 2009
Conifer, Colorado
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  1. Pickup
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  1. 1957
Welcome from Colorado, Andy. It sounds like you found a real Cool Willys! Yeah, Post some pics when you can. Use the 3rd icon from the right side above (Looks like a Square with Dots on the corners) to post a picture(s) when you post a post. Pivnic


Sharpest Tool
Nov 20, 2017
Iva South Carolina
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  1. Pickup
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  1. 1959
Welcome from South Carolina Andy. The Fleetvans are very hard to find in my area you were lucky to score one, good luck with it and post some pics.