Greetings from Arkansas

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I joined a while back and finally decided to post. I bought my first Willys 2 summers ago and have been working on getting her a little more road worthy as I have the money and time. She is a 59 Station Wagon and in pretty good shape. The only modifications is a Ramsey PTO winch, which I love, and a Ford 300 I6. The engine runs alright, but I would like to find a Supper Hurricane for her some day. I am in the process of saveing enough money for a suspention overhaul. I'll post some pics as soon as I get a decent camera. So long for now.
Welcome Christopher, would love to see some pic's when you get them. Did you buy it with the 300 six or did you install it?

Welcome, Would like to see some pics of it also. Are you still running the T-90 transmission?
No I did not install the engine. Who ever did do the install, did a pretty good job, but I would like to go back to original at some point in the future. I still run the T-90 which I just rebuilt this fall.
Greetings from Georgia, Welcome to the forum....glad to see another Wagon being saved and driven...
Welcome to the forums. The PTO winch may not be a modification, they were a factory option. Looking foreward to pictures.