Greetings! 55 Wagon here


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Dec 1, 2009
Marshfield, MA
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Looks like a great site. Nice format. I've had my 1955 Willys wagon for about 20 years. I had two 59 trucks prior. It's been sitting in the barn for the last 7 years collecting dust. It was restored about 25 years ago. It was converted to a 283 V8. I've redone the suspension and brakes over the years as well as other minor stuff.

I often think of taking it apart and restoring it to original condition or stretching it into a 4 door or putting it on a modern chassis or.....

Hopefully this site will inspire me in some direction.

Nice to be here,

Jon A.
Welcome Jon, glad to have you on the forum.

Hey Jon. Steve here with a 54 wagon. I'm the guy who's gonna talk you in to putting to stock configuration. I've had a couple others myself and played with the conversions from hell. This wagon i've owned for 13 years now. I had a V8 in it as well from the beginning, but finally the purist in me won out. I'm tellin' ya, they're a lot mor fun to drive as a stock set up. The nicest part is when somebody asks "what ya got in that thing"? then you show em and they're actually surprised and tell ya how cool it is. In my opinion it's legal to "add to" but not to "take away". Once you start taking away; it's no longer a Willys. So there ya go. Your inspiration to go STOCK. :D
welcome! Mine has 283 also, but it doen't really run yet so I'm curious to see how it does.