Gratitous non existiant engine parts


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Jun 15, 2010
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Well someone here wanted pictures of my very hard to find engine part. Well here they are in all there glory.

Note if any one questions if they are in my garage the I can gladly go out and hold them up next to myself. That tire in the first is on my 03 springer.


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Awesome... I love this stuff.

I did my Plymouth engine the same way, ran like a top...


That's a humdinger right there. I'll admit, I'm very jealous! I've only seen that head once at a show and let it slip away because they wouldn't do any less than $400 on it. I've regretted not shelling out the cash ever since. And the intake, I never even knew one existed! If you come across any more of those, let me know for sure.
I have only been able to track down two of the heads this far. The one I got and the one Uncommon Engineering used on that dual turbo model they built. As for the intake that was a complete fluke to find. I actually found it on Ebay and didn't even know that one existited. Got it and the dual carbs the guy was running on them. Working on a new carb arangement now. I'm thinkin something like Petes.
Wow, very cool Jeff. Pete, your plymouth engine is way cool as well. Probably a bit flashy for my wagon, but mannnnn, if I had a two wheel drive model, that thing would be right at home. :)
My days are getting longer with anticipation, but the end of March is drawing near. It's 6 weeks to rebuild time! Woooo Hooooo!! Of course, as stated above, nothing flashy, but it'll look good. I think i've decided to do a port and polish before it goes to the machine shop, so I'll start that in the next two or three weeks. When I get going on it, I'll start up a small build thread, just for fun.
Is this fun, OR WHAT?!! :thumbup: