Good parts supplier on the West Coast


Bigger Hammer
Mar 13, 2010
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Been buying lots of parts latley from Kaiser Willys on the East coast. I have no complaints and they have darn near everything but I would like to find supplier a little closer to home. Mid West or West Coast. Im in Las Vegas, but the truck stays in Parowan , Utah. Thanks in advance. :cheers:
Surplus City Jeep in Oroville
Willys America in Sonora

But it depends on what you are looking for... Kaiser Willys is also a good source, but many auto stores can get what ever you need probably cheaper. are great guys and their prices are very reasonable. They also do restorations, etc in case you ever needed to farm anything out.
Another vote for Willys-America. Just got two packages from them with all kinds of new weatherseals, and a few other parts. Good people and fast shipping. And on some things they have about the same prices and on some much better than Kaiser, check prices on wing window seals and see a $100.00 difference for the same part.