Good auto tilt column for 62 pick-up?


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Jan 25, 2011
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I am planning on putting a tilt auto column and saginaw power steering in my 1962 pick-up. The current old non-tilt column measures 17 inches from top of steering wheel to dash mount and another 17 inches from the dash mount to the shift lever under the floor and another 3 inches more to the end of the shaft. What donor columns have other folks used succesfully. I am way to cheap to get an Ididit or Flaming River or other new column but I sure would like directionals, a horn and tilt.

Hello Dan. You know, one thing leads to another... If your Willys is stock, you will have a lot of work ahead of you to get a Tilt Steering wheel and Power Steering. Many newer steering wheels will come with lots of other little goodies connected to them, like turn signals, ignition switches, wind shield wipers with intermittent wipers and washers, cruise control, emergency flashers, and more. You may also get forced into considering changing your pedals to hanging pedals when you engineer HOW you are going to install the new steering column. Don't skimp on the steering linkage and steering U-Joints and get cheap ones.

I'm currently doing a 57 Willys Pickup/Chevy Chassis Conversion project. It was a really big milestone when the new Steering Column and the hanging pedal assembly was installed and up and running!! Someone on this forum has probably done what you are planning to do and they will jump in here and help you out also. Here's the link to my Build Log. It may give you additional info about what my "Partner in Grime" and I went through installing these components. Good luck with your project. ... lys-pickup
Pvnic, do you have pics of the hanging pedal install with the xtra bracket? I'v got the same pedal assembly to put in.

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Hello Brant. Here's the link to my Build Log page where I have a picture of the hanging pedals that we installed. ... up/page-14
The hanging pedals are from my 87 Chevy Donor Truck and the Steering Column is from an 1989 Jeep Cherokee. We had to modify the pedal assembly as it was longer than the dash. We had to also relocate the "strap" that bolts the steering column onto the pedal assembly. Read My Build Log, as I think I talked more about it in there. I know that it was a great moment after the new pedals and the steering column were installed and working. I hope that this helps you out. If you have any other questions, give me a holler!
I just got home from the junk yard after buying a tilt steering column complete with key from a 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix. It is within
a 1/4 inch on all length dimensions of the old Chevy column currently installed so it looks like it should fit like a glove (hopefully better than OJ's glove). I like the column lock feature and it came with a neutral safety switch and dimmer switch on the column. Once I find a wiring diagram, I will have at it. The steering wheel is the original 15 inch so that alone will provide more room than the 17inch wheel that came on the truck. It has been a good day so far.