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Sep 21, 2009
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Ok all, I have the luxury of checking this site on a regular basis while at work (at least when i'm in town) and I'm done for the week. Just wanted to pipe in and say have a good weekend. Look fwd to yakking with all. Eventually, I might even have something important to contribute. :D

I leave you with a short quote from Rick Grovers "Willys Trucks homepage:

My truck will run forever! It has already run for almost 50 years and through uncounted thousands of miles. (The gears in the speedometer wore out many years ago.) It's harder to drive than a modern truck, and it takes constant tinkering, but as I chug on my daily commute, I feel that I have escaped from the hectic world of planned obsolescence, glossy advertising, and high-pressure salesmen. I drive past junkyards filled with cars much newer than my truck and feel like I have cheated time himself. And when I go driving off the pavement, I never worry about scratching the paint, or hills too steep, or trails too rocky - 'cause I drive a Willys!

62 OlllO

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Oct 19, 2009
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  1. 1962
Good Post, specially enjoy pic's (you can eliminate the snow however)..and I enjoy the chatter as well. Noticed you have 4 shift levers, what are they all for? and is the color of your Willys a standard color?