Fuel tank fill pipe


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Jul 11, 2010
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I have a 51 Willys pu with no fuel tank.I read the post on the plastic tank and it seems the best bet considering the "reasonable" price.What about a fill neck? What size is the gas tank opening OD? Probably can make something from a piece of steel tube and weld on a end from an older PU truck so the gas cap can twist on.Any other ideas that worked for you? Thanks


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Sep 27, 2009
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If you have a stock engine/carb/fuel line, your best bet might be to contact Willys America or Walcks to get the correct used part. If you will be using a modern fuel system (with return line to the tank and vent, then you might be better off going to the wrecking yard and pulling a newer design filler tube which has the integral vent.