Fuel tank advise and Parts Source for Fuel Filler Neck ?


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Oct 23, 2009
Citrus Heights & Tahoe
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  1. Pickup
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  1. 1954
My PU came in parts with two "custom" fuel tanks, not installed. Appears one is left side and one is right side with fuel necks looking like they will rise out through side of bed where stock hole is cut. Single tube no overflow or vent piping. Looks like they may have been installed at one time.

General questions:
What do I need to know about hooking up the two tanks and transfer of fuel between.
Do they need to be vented or ?
I removed and cleaned out the original 4 cartridge ceramic fuel filter. OK to reuse? Should I have another paper filter closer to carb just for grins?

Mian problem is neither fuel filler neck has the flange that goes at top end that fuel cap screws in to.
Anyone have a parts source for these? Seen the old molitov stuff a rag in it solution but don't want to stuff my old skivies in the tube, still wearing them until the economy turns around.

Any ideas?

Guess maybe a junkyard run over the weekend?

Montana Overland, Walcks, and Willys America all strip parts vehicles and could have them used ones in stock. Not sure what you need to find for dual tanks, but there needs to be some sort of check valve to keep all the fuel to running into the tank on the downhill side and coming out the cap or running you out when there is less in them. Then you need a switcher to select tanks, may look at the junkyard for the old Ford or Chevy setups and see what you can rig up.