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Jun 29, 2010
East of Flint, MI
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Ok, I thought one of the highly rated ebay sourced complete kits would be a walk in the park to install.

Not so much.

The issue I am having on my, what I assume is stock, front axle, and maybe I'm just such a noob at this, is.

I have installed the everything, and I cannot get the circlip on the end of the axle, The axle was equipped with vintage Cutlass Power-Lock hubs.

I have attempted to pull the axle out enough to reveal the recess for the clip, using a bolt threaded into the end and a makeshift puller.

Neither side will reveal enough of the axle to get the clips in.

At this point, I am considering,
Having the outside face of the hub machined down a bit so that it is slightly shorter, moving the locker inboard relative to the axle.

Having the center of the star that functions as the locker in the Cutlass machined down to allow the clip to drop into place.

Using a short bolt and a machined spacer to take the place of the clip, although this sounds like an unexpected disassembly waiting to happen.


Unless there is a better / correct answer from the group.

I know, I should have taken pictures when I was working on it again last night.

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Apr 6, 2012
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first off some pictures will be needed to get a proper assessment. 2nd when the lockout hubs were installed were the axle shafts cut down? are you sure you have a dana 25? did you pull the axle shaft out to look at it? dont machine or cut anything yet. are you having this problem on both sides of the axle or just one?

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Feb 16, 2011
south central Pa
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Here's my 2 cents. Did you replace the 6 inner hub bolts with studs or other bolts? Did they go thru to far and interfere with the axle preventing it from coming out the whole way? Does the axle turn as it should when pulled out as far as it will go?