Front axle help 59 wagon 4x4


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May 27, 2010
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What type? and where do I find the oil/grease for the steering knuckles on my Dana 25? Also I lost one of the pins to the locking hub looks to be 1/4 by 3/4 long . Local auto parts don't have any. Thanks for the help on the rear springs, all is attached and now on to the front.

Both born in 1959 :D
Gregory, This is an excerpt out of the mechanics manual. "At each 12,000 miles or 300 hours of field work, remove the shafts. Thoroughly clean the housings and refill with universal joint or chassis lubricant." I personally use U-joint grease.

I have nothing for you on that pin. sorry.
As far as the dana 25 steering knuckle grease/lube. It's a combination of axle grease and gear oil mixed together.
Gregory, I have a Warn hub lock that is intact except for having a crack in the housing, all the parts are there. If you want it for parts, you may have it for the shipping cost. Bill
Thanks guys for the help. Bill my e-mail is let me know your address and I'll ship the $$ for the hub let me know how much thanks again..