Frame Question for front axle

I can't see the ad since it's blocked here "at work" :) so I assume it's a 4WD front axle assy and not a 2WD assy. There are no changes in the fitment of front axles up to the year 1962. After that we enter the realm of Gladiators and Kaiser Trucks that still were called Willys, but were a total different body style with different frames and such. You can still find actual Willys trucks/wagons up to 1964, but remember they were titled in the year sold, not the year manufactured, so the later years are somewhat of a grey area. This is why I use 1962 as the defining year for True Willys Vehicles. Yes they were bought out prior to that, but as far as body styling goes, there you have it. Long answer to a short question - The axle will fit. But wait! There's more!! :) Gearing is an issue now. In the early years up to "54/55" the standard was a 5:38 or 4:88 gearing. After that there was more variety: 4:27 and even a 4:10 if I remember correctly, so with this in mind; maybe the seller is referencing gearing as to why the axle fit's 46 to 54. That would be the question to ask. Hope this rhetoric helped. :)
Not sure what frame changes occurred on the 2wd versions in 54-55, but it does appear to be a nice setup for a 2wd option. Might have to bag the rear or make som changes back there to keep level unless you want the nose down look.

I know the original set up is unique and this would give a better ride and more options. Just hard to say okay lets drop 3k.

Just my 2 cents.