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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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Working on putting together stickers for the forum. I'd like to gauge the interest in the stickers, so I can figure out quantities, cost, etc. The stickers will be come with All-Star group memberships, and will be available for a nominal cost to the rest of the members.

Here's a first crack at a design. It is a 3" round sticker based on the welcome graphic that I did for the forum. It's a bit of a "retro" look with bits from several old Willys ads.


Thoughts? I have a couple of other designs that need to be ironed out, and I'm open to suggestions too.

looks pretty good. Are there any good pics/designs without people in them?
I can speak for myself, but I am good with a simple, old school style logo. The one you put is great minus the people (distraction) not to mention none of us look like that..... :)

The logo with out the people puts the light on what we are about especially if there is one with a Jeepster on it....
Pete: please forgive my typical ignorance but what are these stickers for, exactly. Are they for the side of my computer or are they the transparent style designed to go on the inside of one of the back windows of my wagon?
What about something with "vintagead15" or something like that?

just looking at what ya had ready loaded on the board.....
Hey whadaya mean none of us look like that?... speak for yourself:] I personally just love Pete's graphic stylings - it's that whole retro americana look that Willys is the epitome of...

but while you're tryin' out versions - I'll lobby for an early faux woodie wagon & family juxtaposed w/ pickup & a working man haulin' stuff!
I'm partial to the Chicks Dig 'Em graphic. Can I get on of those on a T-shirt?! :D
p.s. Eric's came in while I was posting... and yeah, I agree! What I just suggested might be like wagon in ad04 and pu in ad15 combined somehow...

and now ahgeila's... I also love those Chicks, maybe on a T, but they ain't purty enough for my willys...
I can see that I've opened the proverbial can of worms... :shock:

I'm going to throw out a handfull of designs for feedback, from the retro americana above to a simple graphic logo to something chicks will dig. It will take a few days to get them all together and up for your review... stay tuned.

The stickers will likely be a vinyl type that will stick anywhere. I like the reverse translucent type that can go on from the inside of the glass, but it limits where they can be stuck...


I personally have never been a "been there, got the T-shirt, patch, or sticker" kinda guy. Still a pretty good idea, but wouldn't want to see a lot of money put out for little return.
Thanks though.
Steve busy...look at the Willys site from Argentina....front grill and Willys script....the grill can represent all of us, while not showing any one model favoritism....and I/we appreciate you asking us....
Alrighty then... here's a few more rambling thoughts- Some of these aren't yet four colors, so they aren't completely dialed in, but you get the idea. The reds look a little pink for some reason on the forum, that would be fixed too. Not yet sure where I'm going with this, and not sure I'm in love with any of them yet. Probably do a few more, then narrow it down to a few for a vote. My brain hurts...







My vote goes with "F" with some modifications....the others...remove the passenger and drivers...easier to my brain hurts.
these are really looking good! My first choice would be A, then F. ( My bride agrees)