Ford truck wheels on Willys


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Jul 11, 2010
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Older Ford F-150 wheels have the same bolt pattern as a Willys.Does anyone know if the center hole on stock 15 x6 Ford wheels will fit properly on a Willys,or CJ Jeep I suppose.I know after market wheels have large center holes to fit Ford,Jeep etc.
I had a set of old ford Wheels on my first Willys (pick-up). A buddy of mine back then had a Willys CJ-2A. We swapped the Ford wheels back and forth from my pick up to jeep several times. If I remember correctly, the wheels came off of a '74 Ford 4X4 and had a center hole of 4.125". Don't quote me on that measurement though. It's been a while. :)
Thanks. Looking at Ford 2 wheel drive wheels the center hole looks smaller.The Willys front hub is 4 inches or a hair more in diameter.Ford bolt pattern changed in the mid 90's I think and many of the 90's wheels are styled steel types.
My Willys has wagon wheels and they stick out a bit,I don't care for that on a stock truck. It has 9.5 x30x15 tires that probably need at least a 6 inch wide rim.
I'll have to look around till I find something.
Tony,I have put Ford wheels on Willys axles,and I think some have different size center holes so you will have to watch to get the right size,some of the older full size cars had the same bolt pattern also (Galaxy etc.),I think your truck looks pretty good !!!...Jim
ford wheels have a small center hole, I have f150 aluminimum wheels on my 3b and had to machine out the centers.