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Apr 27, 2010
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What size radiator do you guys use? And from what if it's from something els? Im doing a few other things to help cool but want to replace my rad and was thinking of going a little bigger and and boxing it in to make a kinda shoot to add more cooling surface

Let me your thoughts and experiences thanks
my stock 62 pickup has the stock radiator everthing in my truck is stock except for the sbc 350 the rad does set off to one side I have a electric fan mounted on the outside of the rad between it and grill and I use a reg fixed fan with a 2 inch adapatar on the front of engine so far it never runs hot at all and I did mount a should however you spell it and I live in Phx arizona but have not had it though the summer yet so time will tell. I can shut the electric fan on and off as I want to for :p whatever reason.
Oh wow ok that good to know

I think I have a stock rad not sure maybe it just needs to be flushed out I've never flushed it, I was planning on getting a new high speed electric flat fan to help cooling, and I'm going to put labaron hood vents in my bad hood and try that out to help let g heat outing the engine compartment i will post pics when i do it, if it looks good im doing it to my beder hood i got from the junk yard
Hi Evan. I'm currently working on my 57 Willys Pickup/Chevy Chassis Conversion Project. The Chevy Chassis has a fuel injected 350 in it. I just had my stock Willys radiator re-cored with a three row specially designed core for the 350 V-8 Motor. I will run an Electric Pusher Fan in front of the radiator as there wasn't enough room to run the motor fan. I also plan to run an extra "built in" air dam to direct more air to the radiator and motor. The truck is in build mode, so I can't report how this works, but I am very confident that it will work as planned. Check out my build log at: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3805815/1 ... lys-pickup Good luck with your project.
Hi Evan. It was a bit pricey at $457, but I didn't have to hassle with it not fitting. The inlet and outlet were also modified for a Chevy Motor. I figured that it was worth knowing it would fit and that it would keep the motor cool. I'll let you know when it's running again how it worked out! John
In keeping with the "FrankenJeep" aspect of my Jeepster the PO put a double core radiator from a 1960s GM Catapiller tractor. The original shroud was shortened and a flex blade fan was added to the 265 v8. I had a pin hole leak fixed recently and the old guy brought all the younger guys over to check it out (that's where I got the I.D. from). It runs very cool even in the Houston summer.

Most of the gear heads that look at it recommend a new aluminum double core but it's hard to argue with the old school build. Installing an electric fan to the front of the radiator seems like a pretty inexpensive and modern way to get more out of whatever radiator you have, especially if you're going to run off road or trails.
My wagon and truck have had the radiator openings modified one side cut out and reversed \ \ to / \ and then the largest core sized Alum rad that would fit.
The VJ has a alum rad off Ebay that is an Advance Adapters V8 cj piece
The truck for quite a few years ran an early Dodge truck 3 core that fit and worked nicely
When I got my wagon it had the original radiator with the V-8 and a mechanical fan on the engine, I pulled the mechanical fan off the engine and have installed a thermostatic fan switch in the block(better than probe in radiator) and plan on putting in a 2 speed electric fan (from Jeep Liberty-had it in the basement) on the original radiator. Will have to monitor once all back together and running.

When I first did the wagon I put an electric in front of the radiator. It blocked airflow and cooled better after it was removed.
I used a Griffin universal, 2 rows of tubes, and the 96+ degree Dallas summer days will overheat the 5.7L V8 if the A/C is on. I am going to remote mount the A/C condenser with a fan under the body like I did the trans cooler. I have an electric fan with a fairly tight self fabricated shroud. Air flow is good, but the A/C, Vintage Air's largest unit, pumps too much heat to the condenser when it's a 96/96 day.
96 degrees/96% humidity.