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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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Ok guys, here's to post #1!

I've been a fan of Willys Wagons for a long time. And I've been active on many old car forums for years. But in looking for a place dedicated to these wagons, I haven't found much on the net.

I'm hoping this site will become a knowledge base for all things Willys Wagon, and a great community of like minded folks.

This is the first discussion board I have put together, so there will probably be a few hiccups here and there... So far it seems to be working well. Let me know if you have any suggestions for future upgrades.


Pete Anderson


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Looks good so far I listed your 1st classified ad
I think I did but do not see the ad ?
Ed (oldmopar from p15-d24)
oldwillys said:
Looks good so far I listed your 1st classified ad
I think I did but do not see the ad ?
Ed (oldmopar from p15-d24)

Ed- The classified ads are moderated, so they have to be approved before they show up on the board. Your ad should be there now.


Nice vehicles! I love all old iron in general, JEEPs and military vehicles are my favorites however. :)

Thanks a bunch for setting up this site. I have made several friends through it. I have spent hours looking over builds for ideas and motivation. I have copied many ideas from Joseph's LS swap that you detailed quite well.

I hope to copy Joseph's boyish grin when I fire mine up for the first time.

I hope you realize what a success this site truly is.


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Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary of OWF !! I Found this place a little over a year ago and although I feel like I came late to the party ... I always say better late than never ! I’m amazed at all the friendly, helpful and passionate members on the forum. Job well done :cool:
One of the best sites I've found,,, and so full of information on original and modified trucks and wagons,,,without the bitchiness that has ruined other sites,,, well done Pete,,,,, from down under,,, (we have a good Facebook site down here that i can recommend you visit, ---- Willys Australia---- )...
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Sorry I'm a bit late with this post, I've been getting the Homestead ready for Winter and been Renovating an 80 Year Old Horse Shed. Firstly, Congratulations Pete for TEN YEARS with the OWF!! I DO believe that you have achieved your main goals and have created THE BEST Forum for Old Willys Trucks (of all kinds)! THANKS for all your time and efforts for starting this Forum ten years ago! John (aka: Pivnic)
Not to get ahead of ourselves... the official forum founding anniversary isn't until September of 1019 :).
I think Carter's point was to get a calendar submission for the month of September ready for next year's calendar, and I think that's a great idea.
I do appreciate all the comments though, thanks for the encouraging words. As I've said before, it's really the members here who make this the best place on the internet. Cheers!
Yeah, a little ahead after all... Hey Pete. Talking about 2019's OWF Calendar and the Month of September, I think the Best Way to Honor all YOUR Time and EFFORTS Creating and Maintaining the BEST Willys Site on the Internet, is to have YOUR Semi Recent (Over Head) Picture of Your 60 Willys Wagon parked under the Tree with Leaves of Fall Colors that you posted BE THE 2019 SEPTEMBER MONTH! (No Voting Required). I think Everyone will Agree with this Suggestion... I LOVE this Picture!!! So what do you think? Your Pic for Sept on the 2019 OWF Calendar. Pivnic