Finish Line in sight for 'Willa Dean'


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Oct 13, 2020
Hastings mn
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Can't get a free day to get back on my projects. Here, let me whine a minute.....

Home from Hershey Saturday night. No rest Sunday, straight into an important meeting with my Cleveland Chevy Club folks, took all day.... Evening spent unpacking. Monday was grass mowing day. Yesterday (Tuesday) was an early eye doctor appointment - and they put those #&@3(/!%π+!!! drops in my eyes. And I had developed a sore throat..... damn. So went and got tested to see if it was Strep. It wasn't. (Vintage Mom was an RN - still makes me do stuff like that).

Today, I laid in bed until 9 AM, cause I felt like crap. But got moving. Painted the other side of that gas tank for Chuffy.

Then I remembered tonight was the final "sanctioned" Cruise-in for the year, here in Medina. So I fired up old Willa Dean and cruised her on over

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HUGE turn out for our little town

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Getting ready to pack it in shortly.

I did run across an unfortunate crime scene. Looked like it had been awhile since it happened...... haha

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The beer may be a little stale. But look at that hand manipulation. 4AE2C15C-C0BB-4A88-AB31-1DCD698BA048.jpeg